Thinkin’ About Seeds

imagesI just got my organic Seeds of Change catalogue in the mail this week.¬†Even though it’s only January, now is the time I start looking through stores and magazines and planning out my spring quadrants- so exciting!

My lettuce, spinach and beets did horribly last year. I am not sure if it was because I tried the Seeds of Change seeds for the first time or if it was just a bad growing season, but I think I’ll stick with Burpee this year to be safe. The rest that we plant from seed – green beans, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, leeks – I will go organic. I’ll buy tomatoes, peppers and herbs as small plants closer to planting time.

Asparagus Two new additions this year! First, Sue and I want to replant asparagus! My grandma had it in the garden years ago and it did so well. It was one of the best growers we’ve had, but it has since been dug out. We are going to try again and buy some Burpee and some organic seeds and compare to see which grow and taste the best. Because asparagus is a perennial, we still have to plan out where we want to put it since it will stay there for a few years.

I also want to try growing brussels sprouts. I have been a brussels sprout fiend this winter, I can cook them perfectly now. I know they grow well up at my aunt’s house in Pennsylvania, but I want to try them out here in our climate.

Only a few more months to go until we are back in the dirt- happy planning!

– Seana